Jennyfer Guerrero

Council Candidate

Jennyfer Guerrero

Jennyfer Guerrero
Phone: 908-494-7564


Jennyfer was born in Dominican Republic of parents of Dominican and Italian descent. In February of 2000 she moved to New Jersey at the age of 19 with very little knowledge of English, but she had big dreams of going to College to pursue a business career. Jennyfer was determined to learn English so she could commence her dreams of becoming a citizen of the United States, which as you will see she accomplished with hard work and determination in 2007. This is the same hard work and determination that Jennyfer will give to our residents.

While waiting for English as Second Language program (ESL) class to start, Jennyfer held her first job as a supermarket cashier that helped her practice her English. In the fall of 2000 she attended Union County College (UCC) to start her ESL program and at the same time she worked at UCC as a Financial Aid Representative assisting students with their financial aid needs. While working in Financial Aid; Jennyfer felt the need to help students that needed school advice, and many times she provided informal counseling to students that had little understanding of how the school process and financial aid process worked. Jennyfer completed her ESL program and then she pursued an Associate of Arts in Business from UCC. Jennyfer later transferred to Rutgers University to pursue her Bachelor of Science in Marketing with a minor in Spanish. While pursuing her education, she landed two job offers from the Union County Police Department as a Child Safety Seat Technician and also as a bank teller for Bank of America. She accepted both jobs while attending school as a full-time student; this was challenging at times, but with her incredible organizational and multitasking skills she was able to manage her time seamlessly.

In 2006 she landed a Co-Op job with Schering Plough in the Global Strategic Sourcing Group, where she worked with cross functional teams to create and provide training on Sourcing Policies. Since 2007, Jennyfer has worked for PSEG holding several positions , currently she is an Energy Contracts Manager for PSEG Energy Resources & Trade department.

Married to Juan Palacio since 2006, moved to Garwood in 2008 and is the mother of 3 children; twin boys Arturo and Armando and daughter Sofia.

Currently Jennyfer also serves as a board member of PSEG March of Dimes and as a Chair Adelante, PSEG’s Hispanic/Latino Employee Business Resource Group.

In her spare time, Jennyfer enjoys spending time with her family and friends.