Charles Lombardo


Charles Lombardo

Charles P. Lombardo
Phone: 908-789-0508

I have been honored to be your Mayor for the past three years. I am willing and able to devote four more years to my community. I will continue to build a friendly, attractive, safe and well maintained community for all our citizens. Businesses will prosper, public services will continue to excel, and history will be preserved and protected, with the result that our residents will enjoy the efforts of hard work, experience and diligence.

I will continue to bring a sense of maturity, stability, respect, and integrity to the office of Mayor. I believe that I have been a positive force in the Borough, being a true ambassador for Garwood at the county and state level, as well as with the residents.

My core beliefs have not changed: demanding excellence in the delivery of municipal services, transparent fiscal responsibility, respectful treatment of all residents, regardless of party, and dedication and commitment to making Garwood the ideal place to live, work, and raise a family. Planning for the future is of utmost importance, and it must be done with honesty, integrity, and unfailing determination to be the best that we can be.